CM Configurations

Dive Rite Choptima Shearwater Controller Options

Nerd 2

The O2ptima CM can be upgraded to the Shearwater NERD 2. This controller is the first near-eye remote display, allowing the diver to see crucial information within their line of sight. The single largest benefit of the NERD 2 controller is that it leaves no wires attached to the diver and makes the unit fully self contained. 

Petrel 3

The PETREL 3 offers a stunning 2.6″ AMOLED display that is protected by a toughened glass lens and titanium bezel, as well as piezo touch buttons. Safety is increased with the strong vibration alert system which has been shown to save lives.  Long dive times and ease of replacement are offered by the user-changeable AA battery.

If you are still not sure which controller will be best for you, watch the video below or reach out to one of our CM Instructors​