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One of the things that give a ton of new rebreather students a pause is that they don’t know where they can start or where the beginning of the CCR training pathway is. We want to make this super clear for Dive Rite Choptima divers so you know where to begin; but more importantly where you can go! The Dive Rite Chest Mount O2ptima is such an incredible tool allowing divers to explore a multitude of underwater environments.

If you have never dove a rebreather before start here:

TDI Courses – User Level:

As a new rebreather diver you can essentially begin your journey with three different courses based on your diving background and experience. If you are already an accomplished technical diver you can start your rebreather journey with with the Air Dil Deco Course or the Helitrox course. Please keep in mind that these courses are challenging and will require you to already be a solid technical diver with proficient trim, buoyancy, and propulsion as well as a thorough understanding of open circuit technical diving. All certifications are earned and not given!

If you have never been “on the loop” and you don’t have any experience in technical diving your pathway would start at the Air Dil No Deco course level and then after gaining experience on the rebreather you can take an upgrade course to either Air Dil Deco or the Helitrox course.

TDI Courses – Advanced User Level:

If you are already certified on the CM O2tpima we can assist you in getting to the next level and help you reach new depths to meet your diving goals! The courses listed below are advanced level CCR courses that will open more dive sites as you continue to explore the underwater world. You have to have experience on the CM rebreather at the entry levels as well as meet dive times and dive counts before you can jump into one of these courses. The exact details are outlined on the specific course page.

TDI – Courses Crossover Course:

If you are already certified on another rebreather and are looking to crossover onto the Dive Rite Chest Mount CCR this is where you would start. Your past CCR experience will help determine the pathway to get you back to your current levels that on your prior CCR before crossing over to the Dive Rite Choptima.

Other CM Courses:

If you are looking to expand your Choptima diving we offer a range of courses that will help you explore even further based on your needs and goals including complex wreck penetration dives, and dives into caverns and caves.

Dive Rite Chest Mount O2ptima Instructor Courses:

We are one of the few authorized instructor training development centers for the Dive Rite CM CCR Instructor Program. If you have been thinking about becoming a rebreather instructor or you are currently a rebreather instructor with another manufacturer, we can get you all set up to take the next step in your professional career and assist you in becoming a Dive Rite Chest Mount O2ptima Instructor.

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