Meet James Riley

Diver | Educator | Photographer

James Riley | Diver, Educator, Photographer. 

James stumbled into diving during a break in a business trip, fell in love with it and kept going. As a lifelong learner, he didn’t just stop at recreational diving and progressed on to teaching, exploring deep technical diving and caves all while, usually, carrying his camera rig with him. His diving has taken him all over to the world.

James is also the Training Director at Paragon Dive Group, supporting its instructors and students through all levels of training.

As a resident of Tucson, James usually teaches in Lake Pleasant or San Carlos, MX, but has access to teach in a wide range of facilities, around the world.

When not diving, James spends time with his 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren, flies airplanes for a number of non-profit organizations and teaches classes on technology and personal defense.

James currently teaches the following Choptima courses:

  • TDI – Air Diluent No Deco
  • TDI – Air Diluent Deco
  • TDI – Helitrox
  • TDI – Crossover Course

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