Meet John Bentley

Diver | Explorer | Instructor

John Bentley | Diver | Explorer | Instructor. 

John is a full-time dive educator based in Florida. John started teaching scuba and leading travel in his early 20s with a special interest in shipwrecks and caves. Starting as a full-time dive shop employee, John is now an independent instructor, teaching recreational, professionals, cave, and CCR. He focuses on providing a unique educational experience in hopes of inspiring his passions in others. When not teaching classes John works with dive stores to better their digital presence and marketing abilities.

John’s classes take place in either North Florida or South Florida. North Florida classes are based in High Springs and South Florida classes dive out of Pompano, FL.

John currently teaches the following Choptima courses:

  • TDI – Air Diluent No Deco
  • TDI – Air Diluent Deco
  • TDI – Helitrox
  • TDI – Crossover Course

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+1 352-448 – 8988

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