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Educator | Diver | Explorer

Steve | Educator,  Diver,  Explorer. 

Steve is a full-time Technical and CCR Instructor with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and Technical Diving International (TDI). He has been actively teaching for over 22 years and specializes in teaching the Dive Rite CM 02ptima CCR.

As the founder of L.A. SCUBA DIVING, Steve is passionate about diving and has been instrumental in building the Los Angeles and Southern California Tech & CCR communities. Over the past two decades, Steve has certified hundreds of divers at various levels and has traveled extensively and taught courses throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and abroad.

Steve’s Diving Experience Includes:

  • GUE Technical & JJ-CCR Instructor
  • TDI Technical & Dive Rite 02ptima Chest Mount CCR Instructor
  • 22 Years Teaching Experience + 7000 dives
  • Exploration Diver
  • Cave
  • Wreck
  • Deep Ocean Diving
  • DPV
  • Photo & Video

Steve’s CCR Experience Includes:

  • Dive Rite CM O2ptima CCR Diver & Instructor
  • GUE JJ-CCR Instructor
  • Megalodon
  • SF2 Backmount & Sidemount
  • Horizon
  • KISS Sidewinder

Steve currently teaches the following Choptima Courses:

  • TDI – Air Diluent No Deco
  • TDI – Air Diluent Deco
  • TDI – Helitrox
  • TDI – Crossover Course

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