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Full Time H2O Addict | Fish Nerd | Passionate Instructor

Zack Richardson | Full Time H2O Addict, Fish Nerd, Passionate Instructor. Zack is a full-time dive instructor that specializes in technical diving and resides on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Bonaire. As well as teaching diver level technical courses, Zack is also an Instructor Trainer for TDI. In addition to teaching, Zack has a vast knowledge of Caribbean fish and corals and loves exploring the deep reefs of Bonaire in search of rare fish, corals, and artifacts from Bonaire’s early days.

Zack primarily teaches O2ptima CCR courses in Bonaire where depths as shallow as 4ft to 400ft can be found easily accessible from shore. The ease and freedom of diving on Bonaire allow him to teach the full potential and capabilities of CCR diving; helping to prime people who wish to do extended and or deeper dives.

He is also the co-owner of Technical Diving Services on Bonaire, the only dive shop on Bonaire that offers technical CCR training and training on Dive Rite’s O2ptima rebreathers. When Zack is not instructing, he enjoys cave diving with his wife Lucia, gardening, and spending time with their 3 dogs and their cat named Monster.

Zack currently teaches the following Choptima courses:

  • TDI – Air Diluent No Deco
  • TDI – Air Diluent Deco
  • TDI – Helitrox
  • TDI – Mixed Gas
  • TDI – Crossover Course

Learn more about Zack:

+599 786 4782

Zack Richardson
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