Choptima Training

TDI – Choptima Crossover Course

If you are already a certified diver on another closed circuit rebreather by TDI or an equivalent agency you are eligible to take a crossover course onto the Dive Rite Chest Mount CCR. The level that you can immediately crossover to would depend on your past CCR diving experience and recent CCR dives. The easiest way to determine what level you can crossover to is to reach out to one of our instructors so they can review you certifications and rebreather diving experience and work with you to determine the best starting place!

This crossover course is designed to take the experienced CCR diver and introduce them to the Dive Rite Chest Mount O2ptima unit.


  • 18 years of age
  • 10 logged CCR dives in the last 12 months (For Air Diluent Level)

Course Details:

  • 60 Minutes Confined Water Training
  • 240 Minutes Open Water Dives
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